Microsoft Wireless Charger - Get notifications

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Get notifications

To get notified about a low charging level on your phone, missed calls or messages, and more,

pair your charging plate with your phone using NFC or Bluetooth.
Make sure your charging plate is connected to a power source.
For more information on how to turn NFC or Bluetooth on, see your phone's user guide.
1. When using NFC, touch the NFC areas of your charging plate and phone together.
When using Bluetooth, depending on your phone, tap Settings > Devices > Bluetooth or

Settings > Bluetooth, and select your charging plate.
2. If asked, tap pair.

3. In your phone’s apps menu, tap Gadgets, select your charging plate, and tap Customize.

Then choose how you want your charging plate to notify you.
To adjust the indicator light brightness, or to dismiss a notification, press the multifunction

key. To clear the Bluetooth pairing, press the multifunction key for more than 8 seconds.

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